How to wear a dress as a duster

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Wearing a dress as a duster is something I have been doing for years. You're probably asking yourself “What is a duster? Well, a duster is simply a loose-fitting long coat. Now that you know what it is your thinking “ how do you even wear a dress as a duster"? Great question, trust me It’s super easy, no heavy lifting just a little style and creativity needed.

Denim Dress over All Black Everything

Duster Dress with Jeans

When wearing a dress as a duster with jeans I follow two tips. First, I always try and wear a shoe with a small heel; flats can be worn but being that dusters are long I prefer a heeled shoe. Secondly, I try and wear the same color shirt of the jeans I will be wearing. By doing this it helps elongate the look. One reason I love wearing a dress as a duster is it allows me to hide anything that I feel is unflattering that I don’t want to be seen.

Roman's Jean Dress paired with a pair of similar color jeans, white t-shirt and ankle boots

You can wear flats! This is a Jones NY dress I found for .99 at my local thrift store. I was unable to button it completely so a duster in became

Duster with a Dress

When wearing a duster with a dress go for a more form-fitting dress, such as a tank top dress. In my opinion, it looks better. I have worn a long dress duster over a maxi dress during the summer if I wanted some coverage over my shoulders. But whatever dress works for you go for it.

Navy blue tank dress with a denim dress (thrifted of course) and beige peep-toe booties.

Same denim dress but styled more casual by adding a pair of VANS.

Converting a dress into a duster is a way to expand your wardrobe and give it more versatility. If you have a dress in your closet that you no longer can button or zipper in the front, pull it out and try putting together a few outfits using it as a duster. Be sure to share a pic with me if you do.

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