My First Experience at the Goodwill Outlets Aka “The Bins”

When I became a part-time reseller “The Bins” was a phrase I kept coming across. I had no idea what it was but I did know the reselling community was ALWAYS talking about it. One day I finally Googled “the bins thrifting“ and low and behold Goodwill Outlets came up! “The Bins” was simply a nickname the outlet was given due to everything in the store being dumped in big bins for customers to search through. Being an avid thrifter Goodwill is not a place I frequent often because of their outrageous pricing, but I still wanted to learn more. After some research, I learned that Goodwill Outlet stores are basically the last stop for items that didn’t sell when they were being sold at regular Goodwill stores. I also started looking at other resellers hauls of what they would find while thrifting (or sourcing) at the bins and I was floored, that’s when I knew I had to find one in my area.

The closest outlet to me I found was in Hampton, VA about 20-25 mins away from me. I was psyched, I said to myself “Bins here I come“ (I literally said those exact words)

It was a Saturday morning and my husband and I headed out early because we didn't know what to expect. We arrived about 20 mins before the store opened. Thankful we did because people started arriving and waiting outside the front door; it truly gave me Black Friday vibes. When I tell you these folks meant business, they had bags, gloves, masks and shopping partners going over their game plan one last time before the doors opened. I was nervous LoL!

At exactly 9 am the doors opened and it was game on. People immediately started running; at first, I had no idea why and then l realized they were running to get a cart. When I walked into the area where the Bins were set up, I didn’t know where to start so I just walked over to the closest one to me and started digging. I quickly learned there is no rhyme or reason as to what you will find in each bin. I came across all clothing types (men, women, and kids), linens, luggage just to name a few. I then decided to venture to the back of the store where the shoes were located. There were a lot of people trying to view the shoes, which was a little hectic so I decided to bypass the shoes and check out the other bins.

After about an hour and a half of digging, I found some great items and it was time to checkout. At the outlets, you are charged by the pound, the one I went to the price was $1.59/lb. This was definitely a first for me and at that moment I looked at my cart that was overflowing thinking “maybe I went a bit crazy”! I just knew my total was going to be well over $100. After loading everything on the scale our total was just shy of $40. Can you say Winning!!

Overall my first experience at the Bins was a good one. I didn't know what to expect walking in but after being in there for a while I got more comfortable and did what I do the best and that is THRIFT!

Here are a few things I learned:

Bring Gloves

You will be doing TONS of digging in clothes and shoes

Bring Bag (Ex: IKEA Bag)

I learned that trying to maneuver with a cart at times can be hectic and having a bag helps a lot.

Hit the Shoe Bins First

If you are like me shoes are my favorite item to thrift/source and they go fast. Make the shoe bin your first stop because they are popular.

Feeling a Little Overwhelmed is Normal

Your first time may be a little overwhelming which is understandable. Simply take your time and don't worry about what everyone else is doing focus on your “hunt”

Finally...Have Fun

Whether your shopping for yourself or for your reselling business don’t forget to have FUN and enjoy yourself.

Do you want to shop at the Goodwill Outlet Bins? Click on the Goodwill Locator below to find one in your area.

Goodwill Locator

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