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One of the highlights of my summer was attending the NYC Thrift Tour in Manhattan for my birthday. The tour is owned and ran by the fabulous Samantha Davis who is an entrepreneur and a seasoned thrifter with an amazing eye for great finds and vintage items. She also runs the Thrift Babes Facebook page where I found out about the tour.

The tour is affiliated with AirBNB and you can purchase tickets on the AirBNB site. The tour is reasonably priced at $37 per person and that gives you 4 hours around Manhattan and 3 thrift stores in the area.

The day of the tour it was HOT well over 100 degrees and we would be walking the entire time (aside from a 5 min subway ride) which concerned me, but I was not going to let the weather make me cancel. When we arrived, Samantha introduced herself and had all of the tours participants introduce themselves and we were off. The first stop was the Salvation Army at 530 West 46th street that was located on the 3rd floor. There was not an elevator so the stairs were the only way we were going to get to that little piece of thrift heaven awaiting us. I have to admit this was my favorite stop on the tour because it was extremely big and the prices were great (there was an extra 50% off any item with a yellow tag) As soon as I entered the store (and cooled off) I headed right to my favorite section: dresses! After checking out what they had to offer I found my first score; a Jones New York printed dress that had pockets AND a yellow tag! Honestly, after I found that dress; I didn't have to look for another thing because Sammy kept bringing me items that she knew fit my style. One of the items was this white blazer, which I LOVE and is my favorite item from the tour hands down. I have been on the hunt for a white blazer; and just like that, she found one in the perfect style and size. The Thrift Gods blessed me that day!

Dress Barn White Blazer

One of the other items she found for me is this jean jacket. Jean jackets never go out of style and even though I have several; they all have different fits and work with different outfits. This was a must have.

Old Navy Jean Jacket

Once we finished up at the Salvation Army we headed over to Buffalo Exchange. This was my very first time shopping at a BE and was excited because I have heard many great things about it. During our time there I was on the lookout for items that I could add to my fall wardrobe. I didn't think I was going to find anything but in the final few minutes, I spotted this cardigan sweater which is very much my style.

Cardigan Sweater

Our final stop on the tour was a store called Crossroads Trading. This was the only stop that I didn't purchase anything. There were a few things I was interested in but they were not a perfect fit. Also by this time, the heat had beaten me down and all I was thinking about was some air conditioning and my bed. 😁

Overall the tour was AMAZING. I had such a great time meeting other thrifters and experiencing thrifting in NYC. If you love thrifting and will be in the New York area I highly recommend this tour! Can't wait to go back....when it's much cooler!

I also want to give a BIG shout out to my two Besties; Keshia and Ros for taking the tour with me; even though thrifting is not their thing. Love you Ladies!

Here are some more pictures from the tour:

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