Pintrest Outfit Recreations

It has been a quite awhile since I have done an outfit recreation so I thought it was time for another edition of “Pinthrift Recreations” All outfits were recreated using mostly thrifted items. ♻️

When I saw this outfit on Pintrest I knew I had to try and recreate it because it was Sooooooooo me. I love blazers with T-shirts and the black and white color scheme. I did switch it up a bit by adding a red sandal to give the outfit a hint of color. White Blazer and Jeans were thrifted, custom t-shirt made for me by Majestic Royalty (click HERE to check out her IG) and the sandals are from Target. I can say this has been my favorite recreation thus far. 🙌🏾

I had just purchased this black pleated skirt while thrifting and I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to style it until I saw this outfit on Pintrest. I simply added my red sandals for the red in the outfit since my skirt was black,added a jean jacket that was gifted and a white tee which completed the outfit.

This was a recreation I did awhile ago when I purchased this gorgeous Cardigan Kimono 👘 off of Amazon for under $20. Out of the 3 this was the easiest recreation because the Kimono is THE outfit. So it didn’t matter that I went with regular jeans (which are thrifted) instead of ripped and opted out of wearing tan sandals but a blue ankle wrap sandal that complimented the color in the Kimono. I think my minor adjustments worked well with the overall look of the outfit.

That's all folks for this edition of ”Pinthrift Recreations“ Hope you enjoyed my recreations and inspired you to head over to Pintrest and recreate an outfit or two of your own 😊

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