Secrets of A Plus-Size Thrifter

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Can you be a plus-size woman and be able to thrift stylish clothes in your size? The answer is YES. Not being a size 2 or 4 does not eliminate you from the thrifting game; you just have to move a little different to find those gems. My wardrobe is 90% thrifted. Check out my Plus-Size Thrifting Hacks to see how I do it.

Always Check Other Sections- Check for a plus-size section first but don't stop there. When thrifting look through the smaller sizes clothes rack as well because items are put back in the wrong places all the time, so it doesn't hurt to look. Another section that you have to check is the men's section. The men's section has an abundance of button-down shirts, that can easily be added to your wardrobe and worn with a pair of jeans, or leggings. It is also good for t-shirts, sweat pants, hoodies, and fleece jackets. Shopping in these two sections I have found several pieces that have become staples in my wardrobe.

Adidas Track Suit found in the Men's Section.

Ignore Size Labels- This is my best thrifting hack! Labels can be deceiving. Some brands run small but some label sizes are very forgiving. Try it on and if it fits and flatters your body type; don't worry about the number on the tag because that is all it is a NUMBER.

This dress is a Large, not my normal size but fits Perfectly.

Can't Button It? Try This

This is one of my favorite thrifting hacks. If you come across a dress that you are unable to button fully don't put it back; because it can be worn as a duster! Simply wear it with a camisole, a tank top or even over another dress and just like that you have a new look. This can be done with button-down shirts and jackets as well.

Jones NY dress I found for .99 but couldn't button it all the way, now I wear it as a duster.

Don't Forget Shoes

People can be funny about purchasing shoes from the thrift store due to the thought of someone else has worn them. I use to be one of those people until I found a pair of Steven Madden sandals for .99 practically brand new, let's just say I got over that pretty quickly. I have purchased everything from boots, sneakers, and flats from thrift stores and many were brand new. *Quick Tip: bring a sock or knee-hi to try on shoes they are not provided.

Shoe section at my local Goodwill. Lots of Options!

Remember Brands- I have come across a lot of brands while thrifting that I have never heard of or normally didn't wear. When I did purchase one of these brands I wasn't familiar with and they were a good fit; I would make it a point to remember the name in case I ran across it again. Prime example, Worthington by JC Penny was a brand I didn't wear but now I own numerous pieces from them because of how they fit my body.

Worthington by JC Penny blouse .99

Shop accessories - Even if you come up short on finding clothes in your size; check out the accessories. Thrift stores have TONS of costume jewelry, handbags, scarves, and belts. All of these items can enhance the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. Be creative.

London Fog Handbag

Plus-Size Online Thrift Options

This is a trend that is fairly new to me but I must say I love it. Even though I physically enjoy shopping at an actual thrift store; online thrift shopping is another option to have. There are several online thrift stores but I recommend and because I have ordered from both sites. Each of them has a massive plus size section and both go up to a size 32. Their pricing is great and they also sell shoes and accessories.

ThredUp is one of the world's largest online thrift store and they have a massive Plus-Size section.

Thrift shopping when you are Plus-size is not a linear process but it is without a doubt doable as you can see. Stop thinking that you have to sit on the sidelines while watching others reap the benefits from thrifting. Put that old thinking behind you and get out there and join the thrifting family, we are waiting for ya! Happy Thriftin'!

Drop me a line to let me know if my hacks worked for you!

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