10 Tips for Thrift store newbies

Fashion is a major part of today's society, you see it everywhere, television, magazines, and all over social media. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to purchase many of the items seen on these platforms. Personally, I love fashion, but being a wife, and mother; shopping for clothes is not always an option. Luckily, I have found a way to buy stylish and trendy clothes while keeping my coins in check and that is THRIFT SHOPPING . I know some of you are turning up your nose thinking "I don't wear second-hand clothes". Well, first let's bring that nose down a tad and secondly open your mind because thrift stores are filled with AMAZING clothes at half the price. Now, before you run out to your nearest thrift store and start rummaging through the racks, here are a few tips to help you find those hidden thrift store treasures.

Tip #1

Dress comfortably. Remember you are going to be walking and standing quite a bit when you are thrifting, so make sure your footwear is comfortable. Heels while thrifting is a No-No.

Tip #2

Find a Thrift Store Your Really Like

When looking for a thrift store, you are going to come across some good and some bad. You're probably thinking "what makes a good thrift store"? A good thrift store should be organized, have reasonable pricing and inventory that consists of some classic and trendy pieces to choose from.

Tip #3

Thrift Shopping Takes TIME

One thing I like to tell any first-time thrifter is shopping at thrift stores takes time. When thrfiting you must have patience. No matter how organized a store is; you will be spending some time looking through racks of clothes and shoes. Also do not bring anyone with you who lacks patience, because they could unintentionally ruin your thrifting experience.

Tip #4

Look at the Versatility of the Piece

When thrift shopping for clothes the first thing to do is look at the quality. Check to see if it is made well and to ensure there are no major flaws or damages to it. The next thing is to see how versatile the piece is. Ask yourself these three questions before deciding if you a going to purchase it or not, can you wear it through various seasons, can you dress it up and down and can you wear flats and heels with it; If the answer is yes to all 3 of those questions BUY IT!

Tip #5

Price Matters

The attraction of shopping at a thrift stores comes from getting great clothes at inexpensive prices. If you wanted to pay full price for something you would simply go to a retail store. With that being said, please do not pay retail price for ANYTHING in a thrift store. It defeats the purpose of what you're trying to accomplish which is dressing for less. PERIOD!

Tip #6

Love It Don't Leave It

When you are thrift shopping and see something you like, but not sure if you want it; put it in your CART anyway. I promise if you leave it and come back later; it will be gone.

Tip #7

No Dressing Room

Beware that you WILL come across a thrift store that will not have a dressing room. That doesn't mean you can't try an item on to ensure it fits. You can always try them on over your clothes. Don't worry it's a thrift store so everyone will probably be doing the same thing.

Tip #8

Really Love it Before You BUY IT

Most thrift stores have a strict No Return Policy.

Tip #9

Choose a Day that Works for You

Pick a day that is convenient. The most popular day to thrift is Saturday but if that day doesn't work with your schedule simply pick a day that does.

Tip #10

Online Thrift Shopping

If you have read tips #1-9 and you feel that you thrift shopping is too much for you; don't fear all hope is not lost. There are several great online thrift stores that you can check out. Two of my favorites are Swap.Com and thredUP.com It's just like shopping at your average online store except your getting thrift store prices.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the basics of thrift shopping and on your way to becoming a full-fledged thrifter (virtual high five). Happy Thriftin'

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