Want to be a Poshmark Seller?

Here are Some Basic Selling Tips That Can Help

Last week I discussed What is Poshmark and How does it Work If you missed that post Click Here. This week I will be sharing some simple tips that have been beneficial to me since I have become a seller on the platform. Again I have only been selling for a little over 2 months so I am still new but I wanted to pass along what I have learned and what has worked for me thus far.

Share Share and Share

Sharing the items in your closet on Poshmark is essential to your selling success. When you share your items it allows them to be seen by your followers, who in turn share your items to their followers. Getting your items in front of as many eyes as possible increases your chances of making a sale! Unfortunately, there is not a way to share your entire closet with a simple push of a button. You have to share each item individually. Yes, it can be a time killer but it is necessary. Since selling I have made sharing apart of my daily routine by sharing my closet 3 times a day, once in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Also, there are two types of shares on Poshmark Self Shares and Community Shares. Self Shares is sharing your own closet and Community Shares is sharing items from other Poshmark sellers. Out of the two self sharing trumps community sharing in my eyes, you're glad to help out your fellow Poshmates but your goal is to sell your items, so ALWAYS share your items FIRST.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Having good pictures of the items can make or break a sale. Make sure you have good lighting and you take photos from various angles. Also if there is any damage to the item make sure you take a snapshot of that as well.

Descriptions and Keywords

Ensure descriptions are descriptive! Not only are the keywords in the descriptions searched within the Poshmark app, but Google also searches Poshmark descriptions as well. Information that should be included in all of your item descriptions is size, color, and measurements. If you know what the fabric is, add that as well. Adding the brand name along with the condition of the item i.e. NWT (New with Tags) or in EUC (Excellent Used Condition) is also recommended. One thing that needs to be in the description is If the item has damage, that information needs to be added; no matter how big or small it needs to be disclosed because Honesty is the best policy!

Retail Pricing is a No-No

One of the main reasons people come to shop at Poshmark is to get great deals. When pricing your items make sure you are pricing them BELOW retail price BUT at a price where you will make a profit. Also, don't forget to factor in Poshmark's commission when deciding on pricing. Anything that sells at $15 or under Poshmark takes a $2.95 commission and anything that sells over $15 they take 20%. The happy medium for these two factors for everyone will be different but it's important that you find it.

Shipping made EASY

Poshmark makes shipping your items out extremely EASY. Once you make a sale they send you a Pre-Paid Label to your email and all you need to do is print it and attach it to your box. For boxes, USPS will ship you Priority boxes for FREE right to your doorstep.

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Ship Quickly

Buyers LOVE fast shippers! When you have an order, ship it out ASAP.

First Impressions

When I send out an order I always make sure that items are wrapped nicely and I add a Thank You card thanking the buyer for shopping my closet. This isn't required but it is a nice way to show buyers my appreciation and hopefully they will become return customers.

Don't Drop the Ball on Customer Service

If a potential buyer asks a question whether it's regarding a specific item, or about an order make it a priority to respond in a timely manner and always be polite and professional. Great Customer Service goes a LONG WAY!!

Selling on Poshmark is great way to make some extra money. Just keep these simple tips in mind and the sales will be rolling in, in no time!

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