What Type of Thrifter Are You?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Every wonder what type of Thrifter you are? Well now you can find out! Sammy Davis the Founder of THRIFT BABES has put together a quiz which she calls Seventeen magazine meets Astrology”. Once you complete this 10 question quiz you will know your Top 3 Thrift Archetypes. I couldn’t wait to take it and honestly my 3 were SUPER accurate. My first type is The Big Spender, It’s hard for me to let a good find go which is why I got into reselling. Next, is The Thrift Evangelist,anyone who knows me knows that I am ALWAYS trying to get people to try thrifting and showing just how AMAZING it is. And finally The Office Fashionista, work is where I get to show off my thrifted style M-F BUT when the weekend rolls around it’s sweatpants and PJ’s. 🤷🏾‍♀️

What Thrift Archetype will you get? Click photo below and find out! Then head over to my Instagram page @Thriftinwithp and leave a comment and let me know what your results are and if they were accurate.

Also if you want to be apart of a group of awesome thrifter's (newbies and pros) join the Thrift Babes Facebook Group.


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