When Sales Go Stale on Poshmark

You have been selling on Poshmark for a few weeks now. You have gotten into the swings of things and your sales are coming in steady and then just like that NOTHING! Sales start to slow down and then stop altogether. Your frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, don’t do it!! Here are 5 things you can do to get your sales back on the map again.

Review Your Prices

Having items priced to high can run off potential customers. They are coming to Poshmark for good deals; so when you have items that are too close to retail pricing they begin to look elsewhere. Before listing a product check to see what other Poshers are selling the same/similar item for here's how :

  1. Go to the Shop Tab

  2. Type in the Brand of the item in the search bar

  3. Click the filter Icon at the top of the page

  4. Update the filter to the information for the product your selling (i.e Price, Category)

  5. Finally at the bottom of the page change Availability to Sold Items.

  6. This will pull up all the items of the product that was sold and the price it sold for.

This will help you find a good gauge of what to price the product at, not to high and. not to low.

Check Your Photos

Aside from pricing, photos is the next thing that can hinder sales. Make sure your photos are clear and shows various angles of the product.

Update Descriptions

"Nice Pants or Red Nice Pants" is not one of the best descriptions; it's a good start but adding more information about the product will allow it to come up more in various searches. Here is an example of a good product description:

" Lane Bryant Stretch Pixie Pants, Size 12, Slim Cut, Low Waisted. Elastic in Waist. Gorgeous Red Color, Inseam 39" Waist 36". Can be dressed up with heels or worn with flats or sandals. Excellent Condition.

This description gives much more information. I also added the condition of the item and a small styling tip. The styling tip is not necessary but I do it to give potential buyers ideas of how they can wear the item.

Use Offer to Like Feature

This feature has brought many sales my way; especially when sales were slow. It allows you to send a private offer to everyone who has liked your listing. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to any of your listings and tap the the Price Drop button

  2. Select the Offer to Likers option

  3. Drop the listing price by 10%

  4. Choose a Shipping Discount

  5. Offer is SENT

When I see someone has liked one of my items I try to send an offer within 5 mins because I know that they are most likely still browsing the site and it's a better chance that they may accept my offer.

Wait it Out

When selling on Poshmark or any platform you will hit a slow patch in your sales; it happens to us all.

The good news is slow sales don't last forever; so keep sharing your items, sharing other posher's closets, following others in the community and before your know it a new season will be upon you and sales will be back rolling in.

If you missed Part 1 "Poshmark: What is it and How does it Work and Part 2 "Want to be a Poshmark Seller make sure to check them out!


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