6 Piece Summer  Style Box

6 Piece Summer Style Box


The 6-Piece Summer Style Box will consist of 6 summer pieces personally picked by me.  Please answer Style Box questions below in the Notes section and email them to paula@thriftinwithp.com. 

  • Please Answer the Following Questions

                   Email your answers to paula@thriftinwithp.com

              Please note that I will not begin to shop until I recieve your answers.


    What are your sizes in the following: 







    How tall are you?

    Are there any colors or colors that you absolutely will not wear?

    Is there anything you do not like wearing? 

    Part of your body that you like to accentuate? 

    Favorite item to wear? 

    How do you feel about prints? Floral, Animal etc .


    Please notate here anything else you would like me to know about your style, likes, dislikes, etc. 




    Shopping, Processing, and Shipping can take up to 10-12 business days. Once your item is ready to ship you will be notified via email with your tracking number. 


    Thank you for your Order!